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Mohammad Moniruzzaman

Managing Director at Thikana Valley & Holdings Ltd.

  • Service Areas: Bangladesh

About Mohammad Moniruzzaman

Embarking on a visionary journey, Mohammad Moniruzzaman, our esteemed Managing Director, envisions a remarkable future for Thikana Valley and Holdings Ltd. His ambition for the company extends beyond individual projects, aiming to establish it as a lasting, generational business. With over 15 years of influential political presence and a stellar reputation as an honorable businessman, Mohammad Moniruzzaman brings a wealth of experience to lead Thikana Valley into a new era of success.

In the realm of contracting, he has successfully navigated government and World Bank contracts, overseeing the implementation of diverse projects such as roads, bridges, and buildings. This track record reflects not only his competence but also his unwavering commitment to delivering results.

Crucially, Mohammad Moniruzzaman recognizes the pivotal role of trust in the real estate landscape of Bangladesh. To counter the declining trust resulting from delayed land handovers, he is dedicated to establishing and maintaining trust as the bedrock of Thikana Valley’s success.

Join us on this transformative journey led by Mohammad Moniruzzaman, where the ambition for Thikana Valley and Holdings Ltd transcends projects to shape a legacy of trust, reliability, and sustained success.

Language: Bangla

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